Workplace management made easy!

WorkMate is a workplace companion app that keeps your business operating smoothly.

*Currently available in New Zealand only.


WorkMate has a variety of features designed to keep your business moving fast.

Team Management

Our team management features help you onboard staff quickly. Create custom roles and grant fine-grained permissions for what your staff are allowed to do.

Job Management

Our job management features help you track jobs in your workplace. Assign jobs to one or more staff members. Upload files and discuss details in the comments section.

Vehicle Management

Our vehicle management features will keep you in the loop when repairs need to be carried out and when your WoF, Rego and RUCs are due for renewal.

Incident Reporting

Our incident reporting features allow your staff to quickly report when something has gone wrong. Staff can attach photos, files and comments to their report.

Checklists & Forms

Create custom interactive forms for things such as pre-work inspections, vehicle checks or site audits. Add checkboxes, text fields and signatures, then drag to re-order them.

Contact Management

Manage your customers, clients and other contacts. Attach files for things such as site maps and use the comments section to note down other information.

Offline Data Sync

Our offline data sync features allow you to access mission critical information when you need it the most. Don't have access to a network connection? No problem!

Blazing Fast

Our servers are located in New Zealand, so you can enjoy super fast syncing and searching of your data. No one wants to look at a loading spinner all day!


Inventory Management

Our inventory management features will help keep you up to date with what you've got in stock. Set up alerts for when you're running low on important items.


Shift Management

Our shift management calendar will show staff when they're working. Unable to make a shift? Staff will be able to swap shifts with other staff and submit requests for sick leave.



Our timesheets feature will keep track of how many hours your staff have been working. Staff will be able to submit timesheets after work, and you can approve or reject them.

Want a sneak peek?

Our mobile app has been designed to be easy-to-use and loads ultra-fast!

Super Simple Pricing

Don't stress about complex subscription plans or miss out on any features.

50% Off Launch Sale
$10 $5 NZD
Per user, per month, excluding GST
  • Access to all features
  • 10GB of storage per user
  • Unlimited Jobs, Forms, Incident Reports and Vehicles
  • Frequent updates with new features
  • Includes a 30-day free trial
  • Cancel anytime

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